Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This "Delicate Nest" altered book was begun in a workshop with Catherine Moore, artist and owner of Character Constructions stamps. I completed the front cover, photo 1, in the workshop. Then I went home and immediately finished the back cover, photo 6, with my own original collage ideas. Over many weeks I decorated the double page spreads above with collage and drawing. Photo 2 is the front inside cover and title page. Photo 3 is a 2-page spread commemorating John James Audubon, the famous American bird artist. I glued light blue tissue paper over the book text. Then I drew the trees with Lyra-Aquacolor crayons. The birds, portrait of Audubon, and other images are clip art. Photo 4 is a 2-page spread with a typed description of Nature Journaling on the left and my written description of the workshop on the right side. Photo 5 is a 2-page spread which I titled "Lady Catherine of Jubilee" in honor of Catherine Moore. The paper doll lady on the right page was designed by Catherine. I cut her out and put her together in a "Make-In-Take" at the same Altered Jubilee Convention where I took this workshop. The backgrounds of both pages were created digitally and printed on tracing paper. Most of the collage images are from clip art and magazines. The Bird Woman painting at an easel in the upper left corner of the left page was created with one of Catherine's La Belle Epoque Character Construction stamps.


  1. beautiful work!! love the idea of printing on tracing paper, never done that! love love the bird woman-both pages!!

  2. I can see that you are fond of a lovely journal page too - beautiful work. Thank you for the comments on my book - I learned how to make them from a course run by Frances Pickering - you can read about the course and the materials for the book on my 15th April 2010 posting and some more about the books I made onthe later posts.

  3. I love this beautiful book you've created! My husband is an illustrator - which I have no talent for - but I love to collage pretty things together. Beautiful work!