Friday, April 4, 2014

Women's Body Wisdom Retreat

This summer I will be assisting my wonderful friend, artist & colleague, Julia Speer, at her Women's Body Wisdom Retreat at the Bend of Ivy Lodge in Asheville, NC, July 18-21, 2014. I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful retreat!
Purple Sunset Hues, Asheville, N.C. by Colleen Breuning

 Before I go any further, I want to introduce you to Julia. I have known Julia for 16 years. She is an extremely talented artist and facilitator. Julia has a rare ability of being extremely insightful. She is an extraordinary listener and observer, who is able to quickly analyze and compassionately reflect back to retreat participants. I have experienced Julia's interpersonal talents during her incredible retreats, which I have attended. While I was a participant at Julia's 2010 & 2011 retreats, I also led the Art Workshop portion of both weekends.
Julia Speer, Retreat Facilitator & Visual Artist

I will be leading the Art Workshop portion of the retreat on Saturday afternoon. We will create several different pieces of art. One project will be a palm size Goddess that we will mold out of clay.
Clay Pocket Goddess by Julia Speer

 The Goddess will be an expression of own unique Divine Feminine. 
Venus von Willendorf, estimated to have been carved 24,000–22,000 BCE

We will also make our own personal Wand, which will be a glorious expression of our feminine power and whimsy. 
Wands by Katherine

 The Wand will be a physical reminder of our feminine empowerment and wisdom that we can tap into at anytime. 

 So what the heck does Divine Feminine mean?
Divine feminine energy represents restoration, life, renewal, creation, birth, healing, receptivity, openness, motherhood, nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, the moon, connection, harmony and sensuality. 
Venus of Dolní Věstonice
 By reclaiming our own unique Divine Feminine, we tap into our true essence. If we are committed to living the kind of life that makes us happy, we need to only keep the beliefs and practices that add to our happiness. The goal, as far as embracing our own femininity, is taking the time as individuals to decide what works for us and what doesn’t. (Exerted from article, Awaken the Divine Feminine Within You, by Teal Swan) 

Mosaic Goddess by Leanne Hill

 One of the ways that you can tap into your own Divine Feminine is to allow yourself to create. Women are natural creators. This is part of why we create life. When we are out of touch with our divine feminine, we do not allow ourselves to create.
Pocket Goddess by Katharina
 One of the best ways to awaken your creative energies is to begin to do art. Any kind of art will benefit you as long as you enjoy it. (Exerted from article, Awaken the Divine Feminine Within You, by Teal Swan) 

Washer Necklaces by Desirée
 My role in leading the Art Workshop is to provide an atmosphere of safety and support so you will feel comfortable to allow yourself to embrace the artistic experiences that Julia and I have prepared. As an artist and art educator, I am extremely gifted with helping others draw upon their personal creativity. I have worked with many women who have said they have no artistic ability and have never been successful at making art. At the end of the workshop these women were totally amazed and so proud of their creations!

Linda Greiss, moi, far left, & Julia Speer, far right, at Julia's 2010 Women's Retreat.
 You too will discover that during the process of creating, you will gradually allow yourself to let go of your inhibitions. As a result, you will become totally involved in the joy of making visual art. The most fun and rewarding part of the workshop for me will be when you discover that you are an artist and that you made beautiful art that you like!