Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This 9" x 12" altered book's theme is based on an acrostic using my first name, LINDA.
L ife
I bis
N aiad
D alhia
A dventure
I painted the covers, photo 1, with gesso. Next I built up many colors of acrylic paint. Then I glued down pieces of torn tissue paper, netting, ribbon, clip art to represent all the words above, mica, puzzle pieces, corrugated cardboard pieces, lettering, and feathers. Photo 2 is on the title page and was inspired by a Claudine Hellmuth collage. The background is soft pastels-light blue, lavender, and white-from Lyra-Aquacolor crayons. The main image is a photo of one of my favorite sculptures, The Winged Victory of Samothrace, which I saw in the Louvre one summer during my high school years (The real sculpture is missing her neck and head). I used her to represent the word, Naiad. I stamped the letter "N" in white all around the sculpture. I printed out the definition of naiad, tore around it and aged it with brown shoe polish. The wings are edged with real buttons. I finished Victory off with a crown created from the tin of a tea candle. On the left page, Photo 3, I utilized the large color picture of trees, original to the book, in my composition. The right page is half of a double spread of heavy cream colored tracing paper that I sewed into the book with a 4-hole pamphlet stitch through the inside edge of the title page.

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